About Paddlechica

I’m Kristin, aka Paddlechica. I’m an avid dragon boat and outrigger paddler, and have been known to paddle other types of boats as well.

I’m a three-time member of the US IDBF National Dragon Boat Racing Team and have been fortunate enough to paddle all over the world in cool locations including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Canada, Hungary, England, and Italy.

I’ve also raced in the Liberty Challenge outrigger canoe race, and in 2014 was lucky enough to race through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific on a cayuco (a native Panamanian boat like an outrigger with no ama). Going through the locks of the canal was absolutely amazing!

In addition to all my awesome paddling fun, I also coach various teams. I spend as much time on the water as I can afford!

I started Paddlechica as a way to answer some of the questions that my fellow paddlers were asking me after practice. I hope you find this helpful. I welcome any comments, or contact me with suggestions and questions for future posts.

Kristin Stix aka Paddlechica

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