The Twelve Days of Christmas, Paddler-Style

I thought about making a video of this for you, but I can’t carry a tune even if it were placed in a bucket with a superbly sturdy handle. So I decided to spare you all the horrors of my voice and simply post my paddler version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone. I wish you peace, health and happiness. This is inspired by and warmly dedicated to my coach, Chris Edwards.

You know how the song goes, so I’ve skipped to the last part…sing along now…(and if you aren’t familiar with the song, here’s a version sung by the muppets for a little extra entertainment).

On the twelfth day of Christmas my coach gave to me:

12 paddle pool sessions

Photo: Dianne Mowat

11 aches and pains


10 pounds of muscle

Photo: Melanie Simpson

9 stroke components

Photo: Jeff Holubeshen

8 erg workouts

Photo: Lisa Ferguson

7 things to fix

Photo: Mickey McGinnis

6 time trials

Photo: Christine Ekeroth


Photo: Aixa Ramos

4 compliments


3 new callouses

2 bigger biceps

Photo: Christine Ekeroth

And an ambitious training program!

Photo provided by: Joe Jamil

Happy Holidays and Happy Winter Training to All!

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