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Paddlechica Advertising

Do you have a product that dragon boat paddlers need to know about? Advertising your product or company on will give you exposure to paddlers all over the world. can offer you sidebar image ad (static), 275 x 275, to be placed directly under “About Paddlechica.” The image will repeat on all pages of the site and link back to your landing page.

Please be aware that I can only promote advertising from companies that I feel can legitimately recommend to my readers.

If you are interested in advertising on, please contact me.

Paddlechica Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring paddlechica! I’m glad to take sponsor messages from companies, products, and services that are related to dragon boating, paddling, water sports, and related spaces that are of interest to my community of readers. (That said, I reserve the right to refuse sponsorship if it just doesn’t make sense.) will host sponsor messages that are 275 x 275 px and will appear in the right column of posts.

If you are interested in sponsoring paddlechica, please contact us.

Paddlechica Product Reviews

Integrity is very important to me. I’m happy to review and recommend products and services that I really believe in, personally use, and that I can recommend to my teammates and the teams that I coach. (The last thing I’m going to do is recommend a crappy product to my own teams!)

I will always provide my honest assessment, warts and all, so that paddlechica readers have my unvarnished professional opinion. I’ll always disclose when I’ve been compensated for a review, either with free product or for cash, but I’ll never shill just for a paycheck. If a product or service appears on paddlechica, it’s because I loved it.

If you have a product I should know about…

I will review products and services that are relevant to me, my teams, and the teams I coach in exchange for product samples that I get to keep. I charge $100 an hour to help keep the paddles paddling. On average I commit at least 1 hour to real-world practice-session testing and at least 1 hour to writing up my review. All transactions are conducted via PayPal.

If I decide your product just doesn’t meet expectations after testing, I may contact you for guidance. If I still don’t think paddlechica can get behind the product, I’ll only invoice you for the testing time and will save you the writeup time and the negative review. (As my granny always said, “If you can’t say something nice…”)

It’s helpful to both of us if you send me extra product samples that can be used in giveaways: I gain readers, you gain exposure.

What You’ll Get

An honest review on paddlechica, including photos, which reaches a dedicated community of dragon boaters, paddlers, and other people who live to get on the water.

Promotion of the blog post on the paddlechica Facebook and Twitter pages.

How to Get Started

Fill out this form to give me an idea of the basics of your product or service. Provide any details (especially why you think we’ll love it) and a URL where I can learn more.

I’ll take a look and follow up with you to arrange testing and payment.

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