Happy Halloween, Dragon Boat Style!

As paddlers, we love to compete, but we also love to have a good time. In case you are looking for some last-minute costume ideas for your dragon boat team, I’ve gathered some fun paddling photos to inspire and entertain you. Kudos to the teams who have the creativity to put together such impressive costumes to paddle in. Personally, my favorite is Noah’s Ark, where each row of paddlers is a pair of animals and the drummer is Noah. Happy Halloween!

The superhero theme:

Photo: chinadailyaisa.com


Photo: japanzentai.garmentsmerchandiser.com


Photo: japanzentai.garmentsmerchandiser.com

The viking theme:


Photo: localrags.co.uk


Photo: wortperlen.de

The animal theme (including Noah’s Ark!):


Two by two by two by two…great idea for a dragon boat! Photo: animalcostumeshop.co.uk


Photo: hk.localiiz.com

Other great costumes:

Photo: chinadailyaisa.com


Photo: tum.de

Different paddling sports with cool costumes:


Photo: supthemag.com


Photo: austinkayak.com


Photo: supguide.com


This one is probably my favorite idea ever! Photo: paddleintofitness.com

And some fun decorations:


Photo: redcanoes.ca


Photo: wasupdock


Photo: austinkayak.com

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Riko says:

    Loved this article! Needed some comic relief. We’re not big on Halloween here in Oz but have noticed more and more kids dressing up and ‘trick or treating’. Commmercialism.
    My fave was hands down the shark attack too! Noah’s Ark has given me some ideas for our Xmas paddle.

    • Paddlechica says:

      Thanks for the comments, and for reading the blog, RIko. If you end up using the Noah’s Ark idea, make sure to send photos – I’d love to see it!

  2. Victoria Jackson says:

    Very Cute and Creative…Thank you for sharing.

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